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Home Features that Millennial Homebuyers Love

By James Winston


Austin homebuyers are smart, so naturally, they want to see today’s techno lifestyle built into their dream houses. Because millennials are buying the majority of new and previously-owned homes in Austin these days, sellers must keep up with the trend of smart technology and energy efficiency.

It seems everyone is moving to Austin, Texas! That makes it easier to sell your home right now, as long as you add a few upgrades, including the home features that millennial homebuyers love.



The 2 Scariest Haunted Houses in Austin Texas

With spooky season upon us, It's time to enjoy the spooky and bizarre fun of Halloween, which means visiting Austin's scariest haunted attractions. When you've worked up enough courage, be sure to visit one of these two Austin haunted homes for a spooky evening.

1. House of Torment

The House of Torment, dubbed "one of America's scariest haunted houses" by the Travel Channel, is commemorating 19 years of terrifying visitors. This year, they are opening their 40,000-square-foot exhibit back up after doing drive only last year. Be sure to bring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test...

Elon Musk moving Tesla Headquarters to Austin Texas

In a shareholder meeting, Elon Musk announced Tesla's headquarters would be moving from California to Austin, Texas.

Musk's concerns with operating out of California were the expensive housing costs for employees and limited land for expansion. These reasons, along with a distaste for business restrictions imposed on the company by California, have fueled (or should we say charged) the move.

It is important to note that Elon stated Tesla isn't entirely leaving California. They will still run operations out of the golden state. However, Texas will see a majority of production and expansion from the electric car company.

What will this Mean for the Austin Real Estate Market?

With Austin already experiencing an enormous housing market boom, it's interesting to question...

Why is Everyone Moving to Austin, Texas?

Austin has seen a crazy uptrend in residents over the past decade. A lot of people are wondering, what exactly is drawing all of these people to this city? The more you learn about Austin, the more it makes sense. While of course, this city won't be the right fit for everyone, Austin has a lot to offer.

It's Less Expensive than other Major Cities

Many of the people relocating to Austin are coming from cities such as Los Angeles and New York. Coming from cities like these, the prices are a lot more reasonable in comparison. People are finding more for their money while still living in a large growing city. 

The Weather is Gorgeous

With an average of 228 sunny days a year, Austin is a great place to live if you enjoy warm weather and outdoor activities. In...

Should you Have an Open House?

Technology has changed the real estate industry tremendously over the years. With the majority of people doing their search from the comfort of home, you may ask yourself if holding an open house is worth it.


While having an aggressive online strategy and stunning photos are important, there are still some huge advantages to this old-school method. Let’s start by answering some common questions.

Will an Open House Sell my Home?

 It’s unlikely for an open house alone to sell a home. People don’t just walk into a house with a briefcase full of cash and close on the spot. However, coupled with the rest of a solid marketing plan, they can be extremely valuable. Two...

2022 Mortgage Rate Predictions

An increase in mortgage rates and rising housing costs are important things to look at when determining when to buy a home. Some recent forecasts of mortgage rates in 2022 show an increase from the lows we are currently at. These were estimated by researchers within Freddie Mac as well as the Mortgage Bankers Association.

2022 Mortgage Rate Forcast

In July of 2021, the economic research team from Freddie Mac predicted mortgage rates in the U.S. would gradually rise through the end of this year and into 2022.

At the time of this prediction, rates were hovering around 2.8%. Their forecast is estimating a slow rise for 30-year fixed home loans to around 3.8% by the end of 2022. This rise may seem insigificant to some, but if you run the numbers it makes a big difference in what you'll end up paying in interest.

While this is just the...

What's the Best way To Find a Home?

Use the Resources Available

There are many apps and websites nowadays that make finding a home very easy. All you have to do is search within a certain area and you can get homes for sale nearby with information on the property such as price and more. The app we prefer and trust is the KW app. The KW app provides listings across the United States straight from the local MLS. If you're interested you can download the app here

Work with a Trusted Agent

While apps and websites can be very helpful, a local realtor can be an incredible resource when it comes to your search. Realtors are experts in the area and processes involved with purchasing real estate. They will be able to guide you smoothly through the process and get you into the perfect...

Should you Stage your Home?

Selling your home may already seem like a lot to manage, so things like staging may seem like extra unnecessary work. Buyers however want to move somewhere they can imagine themselves living in and Kathleen from Starfish Home Staging defines their work as, “the art of making a house feel like a home.”. This is important to help paint the picture of how living in a space will feel to potential buyers.

"82% of buyers’ agents said staged homes have made it easier for a buyer to visualize a property as a future home." 

(According to T...

How to Price your Home - CMA Guide

One of the first steps you must take when putting your home up for sale is to determine what to price it. There are many tools online that can come up with a number, however, they usually aren't very accurate.

These estimates can be a good starting point, but it's best to take more time when selling your largest asset. The algorithms used for these evaluators only take into account the data they have available to them. They overlook important factors about your home such as the condition, upgrades, location, and unique features. This is why we recommend you to go over everything with a professional.

The best way for you to determine what your home is worth is to work with an experienced REALTOR® that understands the local market, and perform a comparative market analysis.

Comparative Market Analysis 101

So what is a comparative market analysis or CMA exactly?...

5 Ways to Increase Home Value

1. Improve the Appearance

How your home looks from the street, otherwise known as curb appeal, is your first chance to make a good impression on prospective buyers. A home’s exterior needs to make a potential buyer feel the urge to walk through the front door and see the rest of the property. Speaking of front doors, a good place to start is to refresh that old door to look newer and more inviting.

Be sure your current landscaping is well-maintained. Compare your yard to your neighbors to see if yours looks dull in comparison. Consider planting flowers, trimming your greenery, and refreshing your lawn.

With the exterior in check, it’s time to focus on the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms can keep a property from reaching its highest valuation when they’re outdated. However, major updates usually aren’t...