Austin Energy Offers Rush Hour Rewards through Nest

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Austin Energy offers a Rush Hour Rewards program to help your household earn a rebate or money back by using less energy when in peak periods. If you have a Nest, Rush Hour Rewards is available to you through Austin Energy.

To participate in Rush Hour Rewards you must own a Nest Learning Thermostat and sign up with Nest’s energy company partners.

After signing up, homes with Nests will receive messages displayed on their Nest with information about upcoming energy rush hours. This information allows Rush Hour Rewards to effectively anticipate rush hours and help maximize your rewards.

To understand peak energy hours, or energy rush hours, think of it like traffic rush hours. When everyone is driving on the roads at the same time, there are traffic jams, similar to when everyone is using their air conditioning at the same time. This causes energy rush hours.

Austin Energy provides rush energy hours on extremely hot days – they estimate that this number will average about 8 to 12 times a year. If people with Nests reduce their energy load, this can potentially lessen the energy burden and prevent brownouts, or outages.

If outages occur on a regular basis, utility companies will turn to other energy sources and possibly build new plants. To avoid this excessive expense, Austin Energy is offering the Rush Hour Rewards to incentivize customers to use less energy. The best part is that the Nest helps you maximize your air conditioning to keep you cool while earning rebates to lower your bills. It is a win/win. 

How does this work? Your Nest automatically adjusts temperatures when rush hours are announced so that you can earn money back.  The Nest takes care of the settings, it will alert you via messages so that you don’t have to know when to adjust your temperatures; the system does it for you.

The Nest reduces your energy used based on your homes utility patterns. For example, the Nest will raise or lower your home’s temperature slightly during rush hour periods and may drop the temperature by a couple of degrees pre-rush hour so that your home is adjusted and maintains the same level of comfort.  It is a clever way to help the environment and save money while doing so.

For more information on how to sign up, click here.

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