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As Keller Williams Agents - We Say "Be BOLD"

At Keller Williams, we believe that success in real estate comes from a combination of hard work, experience and continued education.  These three ingredients are key to a successful career. It isn’t enough to just want to be a good real estate agent; good agents actually have to work at it.

What it Takes to be Successful 

Desire and hard work go hand and hand. We believe that if you want to be a good real estate agent – you will find a way to do so. You will get up every morning with your own prescribed philosophy that includes a commitment to your client and to being the best possible version of you that can be. Most of this is intrinsic – you either want to make a difference or you don’t. If you are truly fortunate, you will love what you do and this will not feel like a job to you. If you believe that helping clients solve their real estate needs is more of a calling than it is work, that’s when you know you are in the right industry.

As with any industry, time is beneficial. Time is that element that is somewhat elusive but provides a seasoned agent an advantage in that there are more experiences upon which to draw. More listings, more closings, more mishaps all lend themselves to an experiential knowledge that can only be achieved by actually going through the process. Gene’s almost 25 years of experience has given him a volume of unexpected challenges and successes that he couldn’t have predicted, may not have actually chosen to experience, yet have proven invaluable in his continued service of clients. His level of experience and knowledge help his clients avoid potential problems and pitfalls so that transactions go smoothly.  Interestingly enough, the real estate industry is one of the few industries that the client can benefit from a seasoned agent without paying additional for that level of wisdom.  (You won’t find that same benefit in the legal world!)  Additionally, working in a team environment allows Gene to mentor the younger agents and give them the knowledge needed without necessarily going through the process – a win-win for both our clients and the newer agents on our team. Combined, our team possesses over 65 years of experience that culminates in team planning sessions. During these sessions we share and draw upon combined experience to provide our clients unparalleled service.

Lastly, we feel that continued education has a role in the equation for success. The mind is one of our most valued tools – and being a muscle, it needs to be stretched and exercised. Our team prescribes to a constant reading, constant growth philosophy and what we do not pick up in books, we learn from classes. Gene believes that being a lifelong learner and continually enrolling our team in classes, keeps our team mentally agile; additionally, we like to hear what other subject matter experts have to say on trending real estate topics. By combining shared wisdom and analyzing both national and local Austin real estate industry trends, we gain greater perspective that we take from the classroom and bring to the office.

BOLD | Business Objective, a Life by Design

I have recently followed in the footsteps of Gene Arant and have undertaken my first MAPS | BOLD. Coaching and taking the amazing KW and MAPS courses assist our business to continue to evolve and transform with the industry. Our team is constantly tasked with the challenge of refining our day-to-day operations from fundamentals to philosophy.  So there you have it: hard work, combined with experience and constant learning is one of the secrets our success.

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Are you a new real estate agent looking for a mentor? The Gene Arant Team can help. Are you in the Austin area and looking for a transition in your current career or even looking for a new career? The Gene Arant Team can help.

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