Four Points Area

Giddy Up Four Points

We are really looking forward to the next few weekends; there is so much going on in the Four Points/Steiner Ranch area.  Two big events we love to participate, have fun, and make a difference is the Giddy Up Gala and Run the Ranch.

Giddy Up Gala

The Giddy Up Gala is the fundraiser for the Hill Country Education Foundation. This annual gala is in its 6th year and just keeps getting better. If you haven’t been, you definitely should get tickets and consider going next year. Of course there is a silent auction, a live band, photo booth and a crowd favorite – Heads or Tails with Travis Brannon.  Aside from the enjoyment of attending, you will gain immense satisfaction in knowing you are directly contributing to the success of the Leander School District.


Mighty Fine Thursdays are here

Mighty Fine Burgers is partnering with the Gene Arant Team to serve the Four Points area with a little bit of "some downtown"... a food truck!  The Mighty Fine team picked up the brand new 2015, 34-foot Freightliner in San Antonio last week and we are all excited that "Mighty Fine Thursdays" is launching this week.  With the exception of a couple of dates and dependant upon the weather, the truck will be parked in the Gene Arant Team parking lot every Thursday from 5pm to 9pm.  Stop in on your way home from work and grab food to go, or pick up the kids from practice(s) and enjoy your dinner here with us.  Look forward to seeing you!


Update to Separate

In the latter part of 2014, a noticeable real estate trend in our area was the increasing length of time homes stayed on the market. Entering 2015, an overview of the Four Points area sees that trend continuing and is coupled with a greater amount of residential inventory compared to the same period last year. Possible reasons for this trend are the market needs to adjust or buyers are not feeling an urgency to act on the current inventory.

What does that mean? Real Estate Economics 101: when market conditions have more demand than supply, homes that are in decent condition and priced appropriately sell quickly. When market conditions are such that we have more supply than demand, homeowners must do more to sell their homes.

When planning to sell a home in current market conditions, we advise clients to update.  With so many homes for a buyer to choose, you need to update or renovate to separate - make your home stand apart from the rest.

A lot of people prefer...

Family Friendly Dining in the Four Points Area

Looking for things to do and places to eat while the kids are out of school for Christmas break? Four Points and its neighboring areas are extremely kid friendly – especially in terms of dining establishments.

Want to eat while watching a flick, head over to the Alamo or the Movie House and Eatery – both have great menus, comfortable seating and new release movies. Just make sure you book your tickets in advance if you want the “dine-in-option.” FYI, The earlier shows (before noon) offer matinee price tickets.

Want your kids to burn off a bit more energy before eating then head over to a restaurant with a playground. One of Austin’s unique offerings since the weather is so nice year round. This is a great option for parents who want to eat while the kids have fun climbing on the play-scape. Check out Zacks Bistro, Hechos En Mexico, the Boathouse Grill, Craigos, Mangieris, Highlights or Flores Restaurant – to name a few. All playgrounds are...


Slide Into the 2014 Steiner Ranch Concert in the ParkGene Arant Team SlipnSlide Austin, Texas Real Estate

When we were kids, we didn’t have a pool in our backyard to swim. Instead we would run in the sprinkler or play with a hose.  Our most cherished cool-down activity was to commandeer a few plastic shower curtains, line them up in the yard, being sure to clear the path of rocks, squirt some liquid soap on it and add a hose. You can see where we are going with this can’t you?  After a good running start through the lawn, we would “superman” across the slide, belly-laughing the length of the slide until we hit the grass. Sliding would only take a few seconds yet we spent hours running back and forth,...

Steiner Ranch to Expand

Steiner Ranch is a wonderful place to live. From its distinct beginning as a cattle ranch to its current Master Planned Community status – Steiner Ranch has managed to keep much of the beauty of the hill country in tact.  Winding roads, 100-year-old oaks and views of the canyon are just part of Steiner’s allure.  Include award-winning schools, miles of hiking trails, a lake club and golf course, and it is no surprise that homes are highly sought-after in this community.

Steiner Ranch sits on approximately 4,600 acres of land situated between Lake Travis and a nature preserve. Recently, new home construction began slowing in Steiner as the community matured, however, Taylor Morrison announced yesterday that is has purchased a parcel of 54 acres of adjoining land to build 84 new homes in Steiner.  

 To learn more, ...