Giving Back

The Power of Giving Can Transform One Person’s Reality

Teak holding up a check with Susan and Gene.

Author: Abigail Head, Client Care Manager at Gene Arant 

We are nearing the end of another year. Streets showered with holiday lights, wreaths on doors welcoming you inside decorated homes, and Christmas songs on the radio. In our communities, throughout the world, we use this time of year to reflect as well as anticipate what is to come in the next year.

It is the time of year when we hyper focus on gratitude and giving. The Gene Arant Team believes in the power of giving. Give Back is a key part of Gene and Susan’s personal and business lives. I have known the Arants for over 11 years now and they always give their time, their knowledge, and inspire others to help change lives.

The Gene Arant Team is celebrating 25 years in Real Estate in Austin Texas and surrounding areas. Twenty-Five...

#GiveBack November

#GiveBack November

As we approach the holiday season, the Gene Arant Team has been reflecting on our community and how we can give back to those in need. We’ve found that as we get older, giving gifts has become a more rewarding action than receiving. In fact, according to TIME Magazine, the secret to happiness is helping others because altruism is hardwired in our brain. We couldn’t agree more with this - giving to others plays a significant role in bringing happiness and meaningfulness into our lives.

While happiness and meaningfulness are reason enough for the gift of giving, there are even more benefits. According to Berkeley’s Greater...

Kids are ready to learn, teachers are ready to teach... what's missing?

Has a teacher touched your life?  Has a teacher made an impact on someone you care about?  I dare to say, "ABSOLUTELY!"  As we roll into August and school is nearly back in session, there are kids ready to learn, and teachers ready to teach. But they’re often missing something… school supplies.

Families sometime struggle to get food on the table, let alone have the resources to help their kiddo get set up with school supplies. I was surprised to learn, 94 percent of teachers actually spend their own money on school supplies to help out the kids in their classroom... and we all know being a teacher is not necessarily the highest paying career.  

Having 3 kids of our own, Gene and I have always been huge educational supporters, serving on PTA's, members of education foundations, you name it.  We see this as another...

The Copeland Family

Brodie and Sean Copeland

The tragedy in Nice, France unites us through shock and sorrow. As a global community, we watched the events unfold with heavy hearts. This latest attack bringing to light the unfathomable - that tragic things happen and are beyond our control. As a neighborhood community, we are bound by the grief and loss of a good family.

While many do not personally know the Copeland family, every one of us in our small community knows someone who does know the Copelands.  Our sorrow is felt throughout. Red ribbons and flags are emerging throughout Steiner, Four Points and Lakeway – a reminder and memorial to the beautiful lives lost. Brodie - age 11 and Sean - his 51-year-old father, was amongst the 84 people fatally injured on Bastille Day in Nice. The Copelands were on a European vacation...

Education and Real Estate

Giving Back

Winston Churchill once said “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” That adage is applicable to many facets of life including, but not limited to, education and real estate. What seems an odd pairing, in fact, is correlative. They both exist, and actually thrive, partially due the success of the other. 

In real estate, a family searching for a new home has a list of requirements. Top of the list is a good school district and top-ranked schools. Homebuyers value the right school for their children. Oftentimes, secondary is the home itself.

Comparing Neighborhoods

Take for example, the Long Canyon Neighborhood. This neighborhood is divided by the city of Austin. Statistically, half of the homes average 91 days on market while the other half of homes average 45 days on market. Half of the homes average sale price is approximately $750,000 while the other half of the homes average sale price is around $930,000. ...

Run the Ranch 2016

Join us for the 2016 “Run the Ranch.” Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 6, from 10am until 2pm.  This family fun run takes place in the beautiful neighborhoods of Steiner Ranch. There is a 10k event as well as a 5k event. Even the kids get to participate in the Kids Fun Run. Families are welcome to bring jogging strollers, where specialty areas are designated to safely begin your run.

To Participate

If you would like to participate, race packets can be obtained the morning of the race. Just come by a little early to the Steiner Ranch Towne Square Community Center, located at 12550 Country Trails Lane. Registration begins at 7:45am and the cost is $20 for the Kids Fun Run, $30 for the 5K, and $40 for the 10K. Please plan to bring a check or cash; credit cards are not accepted. ...

We Appreciate Our Clients

While national “Pi Day” is celebrated on March 15th every year, the Arant Team likes to have our own celebration the week before Thanksgiving. We enjoy giving back to our clients throughout the year and what better time than the third week of November?

Brief History of the Pie

The history of pie began in early Egypt yet the concept became more widely spread when the Romans ventured to Europe. Originally the pies were made from inedible simply used to hold the filling.  Once popular in Europe, the outer holdings changed, and pie or “pye” as originally spelled, was then made with an edible “coffyn.” In that time period, pies were typically savory and made from various forms of meat until Queen Elizabeth the first requested a cherry pie, thus changing pie forever as we know it. 

Did You Know?

Fact, the English brought pie to America and during the American Revolution, the terminology of “crust” came about....

Thank You Steiner Ranch

We would like to give a huge, heartfelt thank you to the residents of Steiner Ranch who so generously contributed to the success of the 2015 Post Garage Sale Drop Off. The charities that benefitted from your kindness are Goodwill, LEEF and the Assistance League of Austin. With your help, we filled two Goodwill trucks with needed donations and are now able to present a check, for $2,000, to the Canyon Ridge Middle School Theater Arts Program.  

The Post Garage Sale Drop Off is an event that benefits everyone involved. It is an easy way to pay kindness forward. While charities receive items so desperately needed by their patrons, Steiner Ranch residents benefit by donating unneeded items.

If you missed the drop-off this year or still have a few items that are gathering dust in your garage, then we look forward to seeing you next year! If you would like to suggest a charity for next year’s event, please contact the Gene Arant Team at 512.261.1000.

It is an honor and a pleasure to be...

Looking for Tips to Dispute your Property Taxes?

Looking for tips and information on how to successfully dispute your property taxes?  We are here to help. Join us for one of our 2 information sessions, lead by your local real estate resource, Gene Arant and tax professionals, Five Stone Tax Advisers.  

Wednesday, May 20th, 6:30pm and 7:30pm sessions will be held at the Gene Arant Team building located at 4304 N. Quinlan Park Rd.  For additional information, please call 512-261-1000. 


Steiner Ranch - Drop Your Stuff!

It is that time of year again when we open our doors, ready our parking lot, for the Steiner Ranch Post Garage Sale Drop-Off.  This project is one we look forward to every year. We began this event in 2006 and it is hard to fathom that nine years have gone by. From our humble beginnings at Towne Square when we hired a U-Haul truck to accompany the GAT Client Courtesy Truck to present day that requires our truck as well as a 30-foot trailer, I would say that this event is much anticipated within the community. 

Each year we choose a charity in which to donate. This year, donations will be going to Goodwill, LEEF and the Assistance League of Austin.  All of these organizations greatly impact the community in which we live. 

By donating to Goodwill, we are supporting their business model. The items donated are used to provide jobs,...