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Why is Everyone Moving to Austin, Texas?

Austin has seen a crazy uptrend in residents over the past decade. A lot of people are wondering, what exactly is drawing all of these people to this city? The more you learn about Austin, the more it makes sense. While of course, this city won't be the right fit for everyone, Austin has a lot to offer.

It's Less Expensive than other Major Cities

Many of the people relocating to Austin are coming from cities such as Los Angeles and New York. Coming from cities like these, the prices are a lot more reasonable in comparison. People are finding more for their money while still living in a large growing city. 

The Weather is Gorgeous

With an average of 228 sunny days a year, Austin is a great place to live if you enjoy warm weather and outdoor activities....

2022 Mortgage Rate Predictions

An increase in mortgage rates and rising housing costs are important things to look at when determining when to buy a home. Some recent forecasts of mortgage rates in 2022 show an increase from the lows we are currently at. These were estimated by researchers within Freddie Mac as well as the Mortgage Bankers Association.

2022 Mortgage Rate Forcast

In July of 2021, the economic research team from Freddie Mac predicted mortgage rates in the U.S. would gradually rise through the end of this year and into 2022.

At the time of this prediction, rates were hovering around 2.8%. Their forecast is estimating a slow rise for 30-year fixed home loans to around 3.8% by the end of 2022. This rise may seem insigificant to some, but if you run the numbers it makes a big difference in what you'll end up paying in interest.

While this is just...

Weighing the Options for Senior Home Care

We would like to thank Harry Cline, author of The A-Z Home Care Handbook: Health Management How-Tos for Senior Caregivers and creator of for this article. 

According to some statistics, many of us eventually reach a point where we require help with daily activities. For some seniors, living alone is no longer possible. What do you do when your elderly loved one still values independence but isn’t fully self-sufficient? Luckily, there are several senior home care options available, and the Gene Arant Team sorted the key pros and cons relating to each.

Paring down

By moving into a smaller and ...

Why Are Californians Moving to Austin, Texas?

Article By Emily Miller

If you live in Texas, you’ve probably heard all the jokes about Californians overrunning Austin and other major Texan cities. It’s true, more Californians are turning to the Lone Star State, and in fact, the trend can be traced all the way back to the 2008 recession. California, as glamorous as it is, is also infamously expensive, and there’s no better time than a recession to seek out greener, more inexpensive pastures.

The trend has been steadily growing ever since, with 2018 seeing a 36.4% growth in Californians making the move to Texas. In 2019 alone, over half a million Californians chose Texas as their new home. In fact, California currently stands as the no. 1 source of newcomers in Austin.

With the 2020 pandemic, the...

11 Reasons to Sell During the Holidays

Jack-o-lanterns, stuffed turkeys, Fraser Fir trees…the holiday season is in full swing! For the next several months you’ll be busy decorating your home, serving up traditional recipes, and Zooming family; but one thing that may not be on your mind is selling your house! Read on for eleven reasons (compiled by Keller Williams Realty) you NEED to clear some time to call a realtor this season:

11. By selling now, you may have an opportunity to be a noncontingent buyer during the spring, when many more houses are on the market for less money! This will allow you to sell high and buy low!

10. You can sell now for more money and we will provide for a delayed closing or extended occupancy until early next year!

9. Even though your house will...

Real Estate Going Virtual

Did you know that you can buy a home using VIRTUAL tools from the comfort of your living room?

NOW is the perfect time to use convenient, virtual tools that we provide our clients.


We'll meet virtually to discuss the current market, along with your need and vision.


You'll receive homes that match your criteria via email as soon as they're listed.


After you choose your favorite homes, you'll take a video tour through each one.


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Fire Safety Songs and Videos for Kids

They always come as a surprise. The National Fire Prevention Association taught us that fires can happen anywhere at any time, and we need to be prepared.

Parents and teachers, what would your child or student do if they were in a situation where a fire occurred? We all hope our children never have to face difficult situations, however, it's important for them to know how to respond to a fire...just in case.

An excellent way to teach young children about fire safety is through song and video. We found several fun songs and videos you can use to help teach your children or students about fire safety! Share these fire safety songs and videos with your kids, today: