November Market Update

With the election over, we are watching the market to see how consumer confidence is affected and if there are any concerns with where the new presidency will take us. Right now the market is continuing as it was. Inventory is extremely low, not just in Austin but across the country. Rumors of a possible vaccine are boosting morale so we’ll see where the good news on the virus takes us, but for now it’s still and extreme seller’s market. Prices are through the roof and we’ve seen amazing appreciation all over Austin! We’re continuing to work diligently to find houses for our buyers so give us a call with any questions, we’d love to talk strategy!


Black Friday Gets a Digital Makeover

Halloween may have passed but we aren’t yet rid of monsters this holiday season. Most of us enjoy showering our loved ones with gifts during the holidays and take advantage of Black Friday deals to make that happen. Right now you may be wondering what your options are this year to snag that air fryer your spouse hasn’t stopped talking about. Clearly crowds won’t be breaking down storefront doors but don’t fret just yet, retailers won’t let COVID be the Grinch of holiday savings in 2020.

While the world has been battling job loss and financial uncertainty, it’s no wonder the retail industry has had a difficult year. Plagued by supply-chain issues, worker-safety concerns, and shipping delays, some sectors have faced impossible-to-meet demand while most have starved over record low sales. Forty retail companies,...

First Time Voter

Hi! Hello! Hey there! My name is Sarah Clemmons, I am a senior business student at the University of Texas. I love to dance, am an aspiring MasterChef, and have been writing blogs for the Gene Arant Real Estate Team since my promotion from Intern to Social Media Manager in August. Why does this matter to you? Well there is also something else very special about me (if I do say so myself)… Five days ago, I stepped up to the ballot for the very first time in my life to cast my vote for our nation’s 46th President. Feeling the pressure from those exceedingly passionate supporters – you know, the ones who call and text and call and text and call again till you put them out of their misery and tell them who you’re voting for – I finally ventured off to Gregory Gym, mask on and ID in hand, to fulfill my civic duty. Rooted in my inquisitive student nature,...

The Impact of 5 Million Square Feet

How big is 5 million square feet?

The United States White House is only 54,900 ft2.

Nasa’s headquarters facility is only 200,000 ft2.

Amazon’s largest warehouse in the US is only 1 million ft2.

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium is only 3 million ft2.

So how big can 5 million square feet possibly be? Well, we’re about to find out as Tesla moves to Austin!

In July of this year, Austin prevailed the winner of Elon Musk’s highly sought-after bid for a new Tesla Gigafactory, beating out other finalist Tulsa, Oklahoma. The development of the 2,100 acres purchased in southeast Austin will not only manufacture Musk’s new Cybertruck but also boast the Del Valle community with much needed infrastructure and financial support.

A City of Austin...

COVID Side Effect You May Not Have Realized

We’re not just lacking toilet paper in 2020…

COVID-19 has rid academic seniors of graduation, wiped out the nation’s supply of toilet paper, short-staffed medical professionals worldwide, and is setting the stage for an unprecedented cashless society; but, no one is talking about one of the greatest shortages of this chaotic year…HOUSES!

Nationwide housing inventory is at an all-time low of roughly 3 months. What does that mean? At the current sales pace, it would take 3 months to sell all of the homes actively listed right now. Let’s put that into perspective – a healthy housing market is considered to be 6 months of inventory and just a decade ago, in 2010, the national housing market held a booming 10 months of inventory.

Still not convinced we’re in crisis? Nationally, as of June 2020…

  • Total housing inventory declined 26.5 percent year-over-year
  • The number of new listings declined by 19.3 percent...

GAT from the Eye of an Intern

“So what did you learn?”

That is the golden question. The question discussed at length with my boss on my last day, the question my parents ask with curiosity at the dinner table, and the question I will spend an entire semester analyzing in school. How will I respond? Where do I begin!

After a blind email to a woman I hadn’t yet met, I drove to GAT’s little corner of Steiner Ranch this past May on a mission to impress the one and only Susan Arant, hungry to secure an internship position that did not yet exist. Understand this was task made even more difficult in the heat of COVID-19, but the generosity of my new boss and our undeniable chemistry landed me back in the office Monday morning sharing my goals and meeting the entire...

A “Phase 3” Summer in Texas

Graduation caps were thrown, swimsuits are dusted off, and Dad’s grill is fired up because summertime is in full swing! Although, hold the happy hour because summer in 2020 is getting a makeover equipped with hand sanitizer, face masks, and household disinfectants.

The month of May thawed of some of Governor Abbot’s isolation regulations, giving us ladies a reason to throw some makeup on again, as we saw the reopening of restaurants, retail stores, beauty services, movie theaters, and other non-essential businesses (at the discretion of business owners of course) at limited capacity.

What does that mean for us fellow Austinites? Continue to check revised operating hours, schedule appointments, and make reservations. Businesses are hungry for our support and are hard at work implementing precautions to keep us safe as we return to their establishments....

Phase 2 of Texas’ Recovery Plans

Friday, May 22, 2020 Austin, Texas entered into Phase 2 of Texas’ recovery plans in regard to COVID-19. What exactly does this entail for us? Some restaurants have been open at 25% and will now be moving to open up at 50% capacity. All bars that had been closed will now have the option be work towards opening at a 25% capacity.

Here is a list of some of the businesses and entertainment venues that will be reopening under strict guidelines and rules:

  • Breweries
  • Wine tasting rooms
  • Wineries
  • Bowling alleys
  • Zoos
  • Skating rinks
  • Aquariums

Here is an extensive list of all of the different businesses that have been opening in different staggered phases, https://gov.texas.gov/organization/opentexas...

25 Years of Changing Lives Through Real Estate

It's Our 25th Anniversary! 

The Gene Arant Team has had 25 years of building a successful company changing lives through real estate by helping people find homes or leave homes, building opportunities for team members to create wealth, and giving back to our community. We want to recognize this milestone year by celebrating our local community and thanking our past, present and future clients! We're here to say we appreciate you for going on this journey with us and entrusting us to be such a big part of your lives. For the next year, we will continue our tradition of giving back and celebrate our team members for their hard work and success!

We consider our clients to be a part of the Gene Arant Family. In the last 25 years, we've helped our clients buy and sell 1,762 homes to date and we are...

Things To Do Around Austin | August Events

Things are HEATIN UP in Austin! Heres our lineup of top things to do in Austin this month!

August 7: Blues on the Green
Zilker Park
Austin's favorite summer tradition is back for it's 29th season! ACL Radio's Blues on the Green invites music lovers out to Zilker Park to enjoy a family and pet friendly night of homegrown music in a relaxed atmosphere. Grab your family, friends, dogs, and blankets, and join us for Austin's largest FREE concert series!

August 8: Sip & Shop...