Austin Christmas Lights

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

Austin is a great place to live year round. While some might debate that fact during the heat of summer, no one disputes this fact during December. Not only do we boast mild climates – just chilly enough to feel festive during the winter, we also take pride in displaying our holiday spirit.

Austin is a feel-good-town. A city that is large enough to have plenty to do yet small enough to feel neighborly. During the holidays, our Christmas spirit is alive and well. From the trees decorated up and down Hwy 360 to the trees that adorn the streets in Steiner Ranch, family traditions dictate that you choose a tree, select a theme and decorate. If you aren’t from Austin, it is quite a pleasant sight.

City Lights

Additionally, we have plenty of wonderful light shows. Depending on how far you want to go, here is a list of our favorites:

-Mozarts, downtown Austin. If you haven’t been to this coffee...

Where the 'Hail' did that come from?

Wow that was some crazy weather we encountered this past weekend.  If you have not already, I encourage you to do a walk around and check for any wind and/or hail damage to your property. If there is any damage, consider obtaining a bid on making repairs 1st. If the repair amount is in excess of your deductible, at that point is when you may want to consider contacting your insurance company to file a claim. All insurance companies are different, however any claim, even a $0 paid out claim, could affect your future property insurance rates.


Unfortunately, events of this nature tend to bring all sorts out of the woodwork, so beware of who you hire. Before entering into agreement with a contractor for roof work or having repairs made, consider the following:

  • ...

Dinner out on Valentine's Day

Where are we going for dinner?  That is a question that comes up in our house pretty often.  When you add  a special occasion, i.e. Valentine's Day, things get even trickier. 

Austin has an abundance of fantastic restaurants, however I find we seem to frequent the same ones more so than not.  This year one of my goals is to get out and try some new places.  In doing research I came across this great list published by Texas Monthly in 2010 titled "Where to Eat in Austin."  They did a fantastic job breaking down Top 10 Restaurants by areas like the Top 10 places to eat in Central Austin, Top 10 Downtown, Top 10 on the East Side, even the Top 10 on the Cheap Side.  Check this list out, I am sure you will find some new places to try.

Getting back to Valentine's Day... another list that came up that had some interesting...

Slip 'N Slide History

Waterslide, yard slide….Slip ‘N Slide…whatever you call it, this fun summer activity has been providing years of enjoyment for kids of all ages.  Back in 1960 a kid named Mike Carrier, in typical boy fashion, spent an afternoon sliding down a wet, painted concrete driveway - ouch!  When his father arrived home and saw his son, he decided that there had to be a better and less painful way to have fun.

Mikes dad, Robert Carrier, was an upholsterer by trade and brought home 50 feet of waterproof Naugahyde. In an effort to make a safer slide, Mr. Carrier put the sheet in the front yard, laid a hose on it and watched as neighborhood children gravitated towards his yard. That was the day that an idea was born.  After modifying the sheet to include a side pocket with small holes to safely house the hose and allow the water to sprinkle out, Mr. Carrier filed for patent and sold his idea to Wham-O.  (The same Wham-O that brought the Frisbee, hula-hoop and superball...

Steiner Ranch 4th of July Parade

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Fourth of July Celebration! The week began when we teamed up with the Vandegrift Viper Cross Country Team to deliver over 3,000 flags to every doorstep in Steiner Ranch. It was wonderful to drive around Steiner and see so many homes placing their “stars and stripes” in their front yard. To end the week with a “bang,” we were honored to spend the fourth of July with our many neighbors.  The Steiner Ranch community continues to grow every year as does its annual events. This is the ninth year we have participated in the Fourth of July Celebration and every year, we see more children with decorated “wheels” – strollers, wagons, scooters and bikes – enjoying the parade. This year was no exception.  Led by the lights and sirens of the Lake Travis Fire Truck, all the children looked patriotic in their red, white and blue with streamers, balloons and flags flying!


The Gene Arant Team proudly...