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Austin Rental Properties

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. New people moving need places to live; homes are in short supply and demand is increasing. So where are people going? A Zillow study showed that Austin ranked #7 out of the fastest-rising rents in a survey that compared 869 of the largest US cities. Additionally, Austin saw a 7% increase in rental rates from 2014 to 2015.

What does that mean for you as a homeowner? Investing in rental property could be beneficial for you in this market. The rental and housing markets are interdependent and right now, rents are on the rise. With higher rents, it takes longer for people to save enough money for a down payment to purchase their own home.  Additionally, income growth is not increasing as quickly as price increases…again pointing to a strong rental market for the foreseeable future.

Adding a rental property to your portfolio of investments is a good way to diversify. As with any stock, you have to choose...

Wealth Building Through Real Estate

The stock market is often top of mind when people choose to invest. Whether saving for college or retirement, it is the most obvious place that people go to build a portfolio of assets. Wealth managers will advise clients to diversify and spread risk across several asset classes. One strategy for diversification is adding real estate to your portfolio.

In the history of housing, if you purchase a one story, 4 bedroom, 2-bath home, it has always appreciated over time. On average, the Austin housing market gains 5½% appreciation annually. The population continues to grow, and people need affordable housing. Real estate is one investment that has an unbroken track record of appreciating over time.

Use the following scenario as an example. 

How to create savings with investment properties...