Clients First

There are many realtors in Austin, and in Steiner Ranch for that matter.  We are not trying to compete with them. Instead, we focus our time and energy on providing our clients with service beyond compare. Our goal is to put our clients’ needs first and add as much value as we can to their home selling/purchasing experience.  We don’t have a formula for this and truth be told, it is unique to every client we help.

This philosophy is more than just a business strategy, it is the way we prioritize our day, taking care of our clients’ needs first and being knowledgeable about the rest of the business.  Knowing the real estate industry, we have protocols in place so that the “routine processes” run smoothly no matter what unique situation we find ourselves in.

What does a normal day look like for us? Often, our days are anything but normal.  We work with an average of 124 families a year, each with different personalities, extraordinary situations, differing requirements and idiosyncrasies.  We have learned to be adaptive as well as responsive – and after 20 years in the business, we realize that a good agent will learn to expect the unexpected.

We have decided to share a few of our favorite stories – the stories that required the whole team to stop their daily routine in order to help our client have a successful transaction.

Story One: Plaxico Burress + An Army Ranger in the State of New Jersey and a Gun Safe

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