Dinner out on Valentine's Day

Where are we going for dinner?  That is a question that comes up in our house pretty often.  When you add  a special occasion, i.e. Valentine's Day, things get even trickier. 

Austin has an abundance of fantastic restaurants, however I find we seem to frequent the same ones more so than not.  This year one of my goals is to get out and try some new places.  In doing research I came across this great list published by Texas Monthly in 2010 titled "Where to Eat in Austin."  They did a fantastic job breaking down Top 10 Restaurants by areas like the Top 10 places to eat in Central Austin, Top 10 Downtown, Top 10 on the East Side, even the Top 10 on the Cheap Side.  Check this list out, I am sure you will find some new places to try.

Getting back to Valentine's Day... another list that came up that had some interesting choices was the Best of 2013 Citysearch for best romantic restaurant in Austin, of which the winner was Uchi on South Lamar.

The last list that I enjoyed perusing and expect to visit a venue or two of was Yelps list of "Best Date Restaurants."  There are some high-end choices, sticking with the traditional feel of a fancy Valentine's Day dinner.  However, there are some fun lower price choices as well, which in my opinion can be more romantic sometimes.

Regardless of where you end up celebrating your Valentine's Day, I trust it will be a lovely one. 

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