Elephant on the Road

Clients ask all the time, is traffic hurting the Four Points Area? The honest answer is “yes.” It is a topic that has become the “elephant in the room” or in this case, the “elephant on the road.” It does affect home sales in our area however, not any more than in any other growing city.

Forbes ranked Austin 4th on the list of most congested U.S. cities. Yet, Austin is also ranked:

-       #1 fastest growing city

-       #4 safest city in the U.S. (with population over 500,000)

-       #1 economy in the country

-       #6 high-tech city, just to name a few.

Traffic is the downside to a thriving metropolis. Go to Paris, Boston, San Francisco – all with horrible traffic yet people still live there, want to go there and their home values still rise.

Clients from other major cities do not seem as bothered by traffic as our local buyers. When a client is moving within Travis County they are more likely to analyze traffic patterns than our relocation clients. With that said, we recently sold a family’s house in Avery Ranch and they moved to River Place, knowing that traffic is questionable, however they chose the community and its offerings over any concern of traffic.    

Anyone that lives in Austin; whether Bee Cave, Lakeway, Barton Creek, Westlake or Four Points, all experience traffic. A client’s daily traffic patterns will have the greatest impact on their purchase decision. If a client commutes to Round Rock then living in the Four Points area is better than living in Westlake. However, if the client works downtown, Westlake offers a shorter commute.

Much of a buyers’ decision is dependent upon quality of life. Traffic, while an important factor, is only one of many variables that buyers consider. The reason that people move to River Place, Steiner Ranch and our surrounding area is that we have offerings that offset traffic.

Four Points offers:

-       a community of neighbors

-       exemplary education programs from elementary through high school

-       hill country and greenbelt views

-       lake access

-       golf courses

-       miles of hiking trails and forest preserves

Additionally, many people have some flexibility in their work schedule and can work from home to avoid peak rush hours. Traffic will hurt home sales to a certain extent however, the Four Points area has a plethora of quality offerings to entice future buyers. There is no mass exodus of people leaving due to traffic; people have a tendency to adjust and new routines become the new normal.

Article first appeared in the Four Points Newspaper, Volume 11, March 25, 2015, page 4A.

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