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How to Hire a GC in Austin Part 2


You have decided it is time to do a remodel and you do not want to be the general contractor. You have gotten some names from reliable sources but aren’t certain how to proceed.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Do your homework. Just because your best friend has referred a general contractor, you have every right to be judicious.  Learn as much as possible before hiring someone and signing a contract.

You should:

-       Interview the general contractor

-       See if they are listed on the Better Business Bureau website

-       Check out any testimonials made online

-       Look at their website

-       Review their credentials

-       Determine if...

How to Hire a GC in Austin

To Be or Not To Be The GC….That is the Question

While spring has not officially sprung in Austin, the sunny weather is deceptive. With January temperatures in the mid-sixties, even the tulips are being fooled into early activity. Some homeowners are still taking down Christmas lights while other homeowners are beginning to plan their next home improvement project.

Now is a good to begin renovations. Construction projects are usually a bit slower this time of year so it is prime time to begin doing research. While we like to do a good number of things to our house - Gene really is quite handy; when it comes to major projects that include plumbing, electrical or dry walling, we like to hire professionals.

Tips to get you started:

To be or not to be (the GC)….well that is the question. I have acted as General Contractor on many projects, hiring every portion of the project out and staying on top of scheduling. I know enough excellent...