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Wealth Building Through Real Estate

The stock market is often top of mind when people choose to invest. Whether saving for college or retirement, it is the most obvious place that people go to build a portfolio of assets. Wealth managers will advise clients to diversify and spread risk across several asset classes. One strategy for diversification is adding real estate to your portfolio.

In the history of housing, if you purchase a one story, 4 bedroom, 2-bath home, it has always appreciated over time. On average, the Austin housing market gains 5½% appreciation annually. The population continues to grow, and people need affordable housing. Real estate is one investment that has an unbroken track record of appreciating over time.

Use the following scenario as an example. 

How to create savings with investment properties...

KidSCARE for Kids Care

Invitation to Arant Haunted Trail in SteinerOne primary reason we chose to be Keller Williams Agents is the culture of caring that is promoted from within.  The KW ethos is built around agents giving back – understanding what is important in life and prioritizing our commitments to effectively create positive change within the world around us.  Having a successful business is our focus because of what it allows us to do in the rest of our lives – Give Back to others. 

While at the Gene Arant Team, we tend to support locally, KW corporation supports globally. This large-scale philanthropic approach has resulted in the launch of the Kids Care Program.

The KW Kids Care Program is a non-for-profit organization that provides educational opportunities...

The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Gene Arant Team, located in Austin Texas, is participating in the Ice Bucket challenge. After listening to Nancy Frates, Pete Frate's mother, tell the story of her son's courageous battle with ALS, a challenge was issued by Gary Keller at Keller Williams 2014 Mega Camp. We are tasked to promote awareness for the ALS disease; the Frate's goal is to raise awareness and $500 million to combat this horrible disease. We are giving a "shout out" to the Loken Group in Houston, TX and the Griffin Group in Grand Rapids, MI to join us in the fight! 

1....2....3.....BEAT ALS!!!!


The Duck Effect

Providing Steiner/Four Points Families Seamless Transactions

Why lead generate? Why, as a team, would we commit to making one hundred and sixty contacts a day?         

Because we believe that we have the systems and models in place to help people get their homes sold for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time and for the least amount of hassle.  What?!?

That may sound like a script read by a lot of realtors in the field, however, we believe it to be true. We are all seeing the proof of the current market shift. “For Sale” signs are remaining in neighbors’ yards longer than they were twelve months ago.

The purpose of our daily goal is for our team to help another 100 families before the end of the year, or a family a day. ...