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Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood, is it a fad similar to the paneling craze of the 70’s or is it here to stay? Unstained wood has definitely found its place in modern décor. 

It seems since Restoration Hardware introduced us to their line of imperfect, unfinished, repurposed wood pieces, everyone has embraced the style and is clamoring for that look. The complementary use of organic linen, monochromatic color palettes and sparse furnishings is still trending however, it’s evolution includes creating something new and marrying it with something old. 


Much of this style is Belgian influenced and many credit its success to Axel Vervoordt, a renowned Belgian designer. He has been quoted as saying “the only decoration is proportion…no one does proportion like Mother Nature.”

Well Texans love the nature and there is something about reclaiming a piece of the outdoors to bring the natural feel indoors. Our love...

New home buying legislation effective 10-3-15

Mortgages are complicated often causing confusion for many homebuyers. There are multiple disclosure forms, overlapping information and lengthy fine print. To reduce complexity and create transparency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is implementing new disclosure rules that will:

  • Condense multiple forms and requirements into two forms
  • Use plain language
  • Outline key points integral to the transaction from a consumer standpoint
  • Provide clearer understanding of associated costs

What does this mean if you are buying or selling a home? Primarily, this policy will ensure that consumers no longer review paperwork for the first time when sitting down at the closing table. Consumers will now receive final documentation three days before final closing providing sufficient time to review, understand and ask questions before signing.

Most of this new documentation will be done electronically and should, in theory reduce paperwork....