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Family Friendly Dining in the Four Points Area

Looking for things to do and places to eat while the kids are out of school for Christmas break? Four Points and its neighboring areas are extremely kid friendly – especially in terms of dining establishments.

Want to eat while watching a flick, head over to the Alamo or the Movie House and Eatery – both have great menus, comfortable seating and new release movies. Just make sure you book your tickets in advance if you want the “dine-in-option.” FYI, The earlier shows (before noon) offer matinee price tickets.

Want your kids to burn off a bit more energy before eating then head over to a restaurant with a playground. One of Austin’s unique offerings since the weather is so nice year round. This is a great option for parents who want to eat while the kids have fun climbing on the play-scape. Check out Zacks Bistro, Hechos En Mexico, the Boathouse Grill, Craigos, Mangieris, Highlights or Flores Restaurant – to name a few. All playgrounds...

Reasons to Sell During the Holidays

Reasons to list during the holidaysA common misconception about real estate is that homes do not sell during the holiday season. Typically consumers think that the market is slowest due to holiday festivities however, numbers in our area disprove that theory. Last year in Steiner Ranch, 16 homes sold in the month of December and 19 homes sold in December of 2012. Comparatively, those numbers are higher than in March of 2014 when only 15 homes sold. 

Historically, interest rates tend to drop at the end of the year. Currently, the rates are back under 4%. This is the lowest they have been since summer of 2013. It is a beneficial time for perspective buyers to take advantage of these new rates.  Lower rates bring out more buyers. In addition, perspective buyers who purchase at the end of year receive tax credits.