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Santa Sightings

Be Merry and Bright Part 2

Take a Break During Christmas Break - Make Time for Fun

We have one week left before Christmas. The kids are out of school. There is still wrapping to be done, cookies to bake and donations to make…the list goes on and on. Give yourself a gift before the holidays; give yourself the gift of time. Time to take a breather. Time to spend with your family. Time to laugh and enjoy your kids this Christmas Season. Sometimes we rush around so much that we forget to actually enjoy ourselves. The list of to-dos must get “to-done” and the break is over in a blink of an eye. So take a break from the holiday madness and make time to do something fun with your kids; not because you have to, just because you want to. Here is a list of some of our favorite things to do in Austin over Christmas break.

Still need to see the Jolly Fat-man in Red? Here are a few locations to get a pic with your kiddos with the larger-than-life elf. And...

Austin Christmas Lights

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

Austin is a great place to live year round. While some might debate that fact during the heat of summer, no one disputes this fact during December. Not only do we boast mild climates – just chilly enough to feel festive during the winter, we also take pride in displaying our holiday spirit.

Austin is a feel-good-town. A city that is large enough to have plenty to do yet small enough to feel neighborly. During the holidays, our Christmas spirit is alive and well. From the trees decorated up and down Hwy 360 to the trees that adorn the streets in Steiner Ranch, family traditions dictate that you choose a tree, select a theme and decorate. If you aren’t from Austin, it is quite a pleasant sight.

City Lights

Additionally, we have plenty of wonderful light shows. Depending on how far you want to go, here is a list of our favorites:

-Mozarts, downtown Austin. If you haven’t been to this coffee house,...