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Elephant on the Road

Clients ask all the time, is traffic hurting the Four Points Area? The honest answer is “yes.” It is a topic that has become the “elephant in the room” or in this case, the “elephant on the road.” It does affect home sales in our area however, not any more than in any other growing city.

Forbes ranked Austin 4th on the list of most congested U.S. cities. Yet, Austin is also ranked:

-       #1 fastest growing city

-       #4 safest city in the U.S. (with population over 500,000)

-       #1 economy in the country

-       #6 high-tech city, just to name a few.

Traffic is the downside to a thriving metropolis. Go to Paris, Boston, San Francisco – all with horrible traffic yet people still live there, want to go there and their home values still rise.

Clients from other major cities...

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Reflecting on my real estate career, I realize how the professional decisions made at the beginning of my career have affected my life twenty-five years later. Starting a business is a leap of faith. It is not always knowing what or how you are going to achieve your dreams but putting yourself on a path to do so on a daily basis. It is being vulnerable enough to put yourself in new situations – some of which are successes and many are failures - and learning from both to become a better agent. Continually educating yourself and empowering those around you to do the same is key to longevity in this industry.The BOLD effect - Gene Arant Real Estate Team

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