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Steiner Ranch to Expand

Steiner Ranch is a wonderful place to live. From its distinct beginning as a cattle ranch to its current Master Planned Community status – Steiner Ranch has managed to keep much of the beauty of the hill country in tact.  Winding roads, 100-year-old oaks and views of the canyon are just part of Steiner’s allure.  Include award-winning schools, miles of hiking trails, a lake club and golf course, and it is no surprise that homes are highly sought-after in this community.

Steiner Ranch sits on approximately 4,600 acres of land situated between Lake Travis and a nature preserve. Recently, new home construction began slowing in Steiner as the community matured, however, Taylor Morrison announced yesterday that is has purchased a parcel of 54 acres of adjoining land to build 84 new homes in Steiner.  

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Gene 'Runs to the Sun'

Gene Arant 2013 first leg of Run to the Sun

On April 26-27, Gene is lacing up his running shoes and participating in the 4th Annual Run to the Sun Relay benefiting Beyond Batten Disease Foundation for the 3rd time.

What is Batten disease?

Batten disease is a rare neurodegenerative disease that affects small children (starting around age 5).


Austin Consumer Confidence Ranks High

Consumer confidence in the Austin market is high.  The GDP, or gross domestic product is indicative of the strength of the country’s overall economy.  70% of the GDP is derived from the Consumer Confidence Indicator or CCI.  Simply stated, when consumer confidence is strong, the unemployment rate is usually low and people are more likely to purchase products. 

Historically, during our nation’s healthy economical periods, the CCI averaged 90 to 100; in the year 2000, our CCI peaked at 140.  As recent as 2009, the U.S. consumer confidence index was at 30 and anything below 60 is considered recessionary.

Since then, the nation’s CCI has risen to 82.3 (March, 2014)  and is still recovering from the recession, yet it's up 33 percent from 2013.  In Texas however, we have experienced unprecedented gains and our consumer confidence index was 109.2 in March 2014.

What does that mean for the Austin real estate market? A...

Austin Market Update

Austin is becoming well known across the nation for a variety of reasons.  It is one of the fastest growing cities.  We are a city that rebounded from the recession in the least amount of time.  We rank high on the list when “retaining college graduates.” We are continually ranking as one of the “best places to live” and one of the “safest cities to live.”  The list goes on. 

These rankings are verifying what Austinites already know – that we live in a wonderful city.  However, what do these titles really mean to our local economy?  It essentially means that we are experiencing an influx into our city – both in businesses and in sheer amounts of people. 

For the housing market, this means that there is an increased need for homes.  Single family and multi-family construction continues to annually increase.  According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, we are second...

Steiner Ranch Post Garage Sale Drop Off

Post Garage Sale Drop-off Supports Canyon Ridge Theater Arts Program

Gene Arant Team, Austin Texas Real Estate, Steiner Ranch Post Garage Sale Drop Off raising money for charity, Give BackWhile at the fifth grade orientation the other day, the Canyon Ridge Choirs, Band and Dance Team performed.  The amount of talent and dedication these students demonstrated was awe-inspiring; the excitement was infectious and incoming students talked about choosing the program they would join. Then, to learn that the great majority of these students had no previous music experience showed the vast amount of patience and talent the Canyon Ridge teachers possess.  

Indeed, our community has a “fine”...