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Where the 'Hail' did that come from?

Wow that was some crazy weather we encountered this past weekend.  If you have not already, I encourage you to do a walk around and check for any wind and/or hail damage to your property. If there is any damage, consider obtaining a bid on making repairs 1st. If the repair amount is in excess of your deductible, at that point is when you may want to consider contacting your insurance company to file a claim. All insurance companies are different, however any claim, even a $0 paid out claim, could affect your future property insurance rates.


Unfortunately, events of this nature tend to bring all sorts out of the woodwork, so beware of who you hire. Before entering into agreement with a contractor for roof work or having repairs made, consider the following:

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Steiner Ranch - Drop Your Stuff!

It is that time of year again when we open our doors, ready our parking lot, for the Steiner Ranch Post Garage Sale Drop-Off.  This project is one we look forward to every year. We began this event in 2006 and it is hard to fathom that nine years have gone by. From our humble beginnings at Towne Square when we hired a U-Haul truck to accompany the GAT Client Courtesy Truck to present day that requires our truck as well as a 30-foot trailer, I would say that this event is much anticipated within the community. 

Each year we choose a charity in which to donate. This year, donations will be going to Goodwill, LEEF and the Assistance League of Austin.  All of these organizations greatly impact the community in which we live. 

By donating to Goodwill, we are supporting their business model. The items...

Clients First - Story One

We had a family who was moving from Austin, Texas to New Jersey. We knew our client was an avid hunter and being a Texan, he had plenty of guns. Common sense will tell you that gun laws vary by state, so we spoke to a previous client, an Army Ranger that was at West Point. He confirmed that some of the guns were prohibited in New Jersey.  In fact, should our client’s gun safe crossed NJ state lines, he would be in violation of the law, subject to jail time. (Remember Plaxico Burress, the one time Super Bowl hero who accidentally shot himself in the leg with an unlicensed gun? Well he went to prison for that and missed two seasons in the NFL.)

Needless to say, we wanted to save our client from possible “gun-trafficking” charges so we introduced him to our favorite Army Ranger.  Because he too had recently moved from Texas up North, he had gone through the process of selling his inventory of firearms. By putting the two of them together, we were able to...

Clients First

There are many realtors in Austin, and in Steiner Ranch for that matter.  We are not trying to compete with them. Instead, we focus our time and energy on providing our clients with service beyond compare. Our goal is to put our clients’ needs first and add as much value as we can to their home selling/purchasing experience.  We don’t have a formula for this and truth be told, it is unique to every client we help.

This philosophy is more than just a business strategy, it is the way we prioritize our day, taking care of our clients’ needs first and being knowledgeable about the rest of the business.  Knowing the real estate industry, we have protocols in place so that the “routine processes” run smoothly no matter what unique situation we find ourselves in.

What does a normal day look like for us? Often, our days are anything but normal.  We work with an average of 124 families a year, each with different personalities, extraordinary...