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Austin Property Taxes Increase for Second Year

History depicts that Egyptians were the first civilization to record taxes owed in a time when tax collections were not in the form of money but were items like livestock or oil. Thousands of years later, property taxes were issued in the great state of Texas in order to support the new republic. Since that first enactment, taxes have never ceased.  

In 2014, Austin property taxes rates are increasing for the second year in a row.  With a strong economy and job growth rate, the housing market continues to appreciate.  According to the Travis County Appraisal District, commercial and residential property tax values will total $124 billion – a 15% increase from the previous year.

The deadline to protest your taxes is May 31st.  According to the appraisal review board, you can protest your property taxes if:

  • the proposed value of your property tax is excessive
  • your property is valued unequally compared to other...

HCEF Grant Patrol

HCEF Grant Patrol Visits CRMS - Arant

Grant Patrol Impact Grant Check - Arant

Most days are good yet there are some days that are really good.  The type of day that you wake up, and are a part of something bigger than yourself, a day you are able to “give back.” We recently experienced one of those days.

The Hill Country Education Foundation (HCEF) is an impactful non-profit organization that raises awareness and funding for education in the Four Points Area.  Working with the foundation is incredibly rewarding yet being a part of the Grant Patrol is a thrill.

The Grant Patrol is a group of HCEF members that are privileged to be...

Delete Blood Cancer Donor Drive in Steiner Ranch

Chuk Starrett, Delete Blood Cancer Donor Drive, Austin Texas, Gene Arant Team, Steiner RanchEvery four minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with blood cancer. Recently, Chuk Starrett went in for a routine physical and was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia). Chuk is a member of our Steiner Ranch community and more importantly, he is a husband, a father of three amazing boys and a coach.

While this news is devastating, the good news is that a bone marrow transplant can cure his disease – the most difficult part will be finding a matching donor. Like 14,000 other blood cancer patients, Chuk now is in a race to find a bone marrow donor for a transplant in the hope of living out the rest of his dreams with his family.