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Whether you live in Austin or are planning to relocate, the economy is strong enough to handle the influx of people moving here. This fast growing metropolis added 43,400 new jobs in the past year.  

Fastest Growing Among Top 50 Metros

Numbers Surpass Initial Predictions 

Austin is officially the second fastest growing city in the United States. Preliminary indicators had suggested that job growth would be approximately 3.3% however; actual numbers were 4.7%, making Austin the second most robust city amongst the 50 largest metro areas. (Dallas ranked third in the U.S.)  Texas’ other three major metros grew at lesser rates: San Antonio by 2.9%, Forth Worth by .9% and Houston by .6%.

With 41,400 new jobs, the...

Property Tax Event

Are You in the Minority or the Majority?

Did you know that 80% of the people in Travis County do not protest their property taxes? Paying taxes is as American as disputing taxes. In Texas, we do not pay state income tax however we do pay real estate tax. We understand that our taxes support local schools, roads and parks. We are proponents of investing in our community and paying taxes, we just do not want to overpay our taxes. 

Did you know that the Travis County portion of your property tax bill represents less than 20 percent of your total tax bill? Do you know what makes up the rest of your tax bill?

Travis County Property Tax Workshop

That and many other questions will be answered at the Travis County Property Tax Workshop. We can help you learn to navigate the process of appeal. Whether you plan to dispute your taxes personally or are looking for the right firm to protest for you, we offer this evening as an information gathering session. ...