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Austin Energy Offers Rush Hour Rewards through Nest

Understanding Rush Hour Rewards and How it WorksNest - Austin Energy Rush Hour Rewards - Home Projects, Gene Arant Team, Austin Texas Realty

Austin Energy offers a Rush Hour Rewards program to help your household earn a rebate or money back by using less energy when in peak periods. If you have a Nest, Rush Hour Rewards is available to you through Austin Energy.

To participate in Rush Hour Rewards you must own a Nest Learning Thermostat and sign up with Nest’s energy company partners.

After signing up, homes with Nests will receive messages displayed on their Nest with information about upcoming energy rush hours. This information allows Rush Hour Rewards to effectively anticipate rush hours and help maximize your rewards.

To understand peak...

Lighten Up

When it comes to interior decorating, one of the first things on your list should be lighting. Understanding its importance is key when planning your room.  Long before Edison made light bulbs an affordable, commercial invention, lighting has played an essential role in people’s lives. Benjamin Franklin introduced Daylight Savings Time to maximize natural light and make candles last longer.

Interior designers will tell you that “layering your lighting” creates interest and dimension in your room’s design. There are three categories of light – ambient, task and accent.  Ambient lighting is your base layer of light and should illuminate most of the room through the combined use of sunshine and overhead light. This light source typically comes from chandeliers, ceiling fan fixtures, can lights, etc. It is best if your ambient lighting is soft.  Too often, ambient lighting is harsh and is the only light source in a room – don’t stop...

Lighten Up - With Table Lamps

There is so much that can be written about lighting.  It is an essential element in creating the mood of our home yet too often, people are left “in the dark” when choosing their lighting.

In the previous article, Lighten Up, which appeared in the Four Point Newspaper, the topic of “layering your lighting” was discussed. It provided an overview of the three types of lighting - ambient, task and accent lighting.  Most of us have ambient lighting and with the help of our previous article, you have learned how to enhance your ambient lighting. This article helps you understand how to create and place task lighting  - more specifically, table lamps.

Table lamps are a simple way to provide functional elements while adding stylish design to your home.  Think of table lamps as the jewelry or accessories of your room.  These lamps should be considered “eye-candy” – you should like the way the lamp looks whether it is on or...


Certain people are impactful, game-changers if you will.  They speak and you listen.  They educate, you absorb. That describes Gary Keller, business mentor, trusted advisor and over the years, friend. Gary Keller and Gene Arant at the Mastermind Series

Gary runs a “mega” company that is continually expanding nationally and internationally, yet he still makes time to meet with individual agents on a regular basis.  Out of 100,000 Keller Williams agents, 100 are chosen to roundtable with Gary. Over the past several years, I have been humbled to be a part of these “Mastermind” meetings.  Imminently, after each meeting, I walk away feeling inspired, challenged and motivated to “do more.”  Gary has that impact on people.

He is a life-long student who constantly studies the economy, analyzes the...

Enjoy the Water

Living in Texas, hot summers are a given. If there is one way to draw us Texans out of our air-conditioned homes, besides football, is offering us water. We appreciate cool, refreshing water – be it in a lake or a pool – most of us will gladly jump in. 

Our home currently does not have a pool, however, we have been considering one for a couple of years now.  Pools are a major investment of time, money and responsibility so we are not making a hasty decision. 

We have the space for a pool, but are pools a good investment from a real estate perspective? In the Four Points area, approximately “50%” of all homes have pools. For resale purposes, a home with a pool compared to a home without, typically has a higher value.

When analyzing pools as a financial investment, it depends on the price point of your property. For example, a $500,000 house with a $50k pool would most likely be a good investment, especially when neighboring homes also have...