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The Copeland Family

Brodie and Sean Copeland

The tragedy in Nice, France unites us through shock and sorrow. As a global community, we watched the events unfold with heavy hearts. This latest attack bringing to light the unfathomable - that tragic things happen and are beyond our control. As a neighborhood community, we are bound by the grief and loss of a good family.

While many do not personally know the Copeland family, every one of us in our small community knows someone who does know the Copelands.  Our sorrow is felt throughout. Red ribbons and flags are emerging throughout Steiner, Four Points and Lakeway – a reminder and memorial to the beautiful lives lost. Brodie - age 11 and Sean - his 51-year-old father, was amongst the 84 people fatally injured on Bastille Day in Nice. The Copelands were on a European...

Steiner Ranch Housing Market


The Austin housing market continues to thrive in the Central Texas Region and Steiner Ranch is no different. The Four Points area continues to grow as families choose to live in the beauty of the hill country. Steiner Ranch, located in the heart of the hills, is a great place to raise a family.


Current Steiner Ranch market stats show us that there are 69 active homes for sale during June 2016 versus the 107 homes for sale in June 2015.  As of June 20, there are 47 homes pending versus the 32 homes pending previously.

Comparatively speaking, the period of January 2015 – June 2015 recorded 124 units sold with an average sale price of $506k and 46 days on market.  This year, from January 2016 to June 2016, there have been 160 units sold, the average sale price dropped slightly to $497K, while days on market also dropped to 41 days. 

What does this mean? Simply stated:

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