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Roles of a Real Estate Agent

Statistics show that 80% of real estate agents go out of business in two years. What does it take to sustain and be a long time agent? Being adaptable and having a service-oriented mindset is key.

Common misconception is that real estate agents get licensed, talk to neighbors and work on the 3 P’s: 

  1. place a sign in the yard,
  2. put the listing on MLS,
  3. pray it sells.

All sarcasm aside, the real estate industry is competitive and underestimated in the amount of knowledge and effort that goes into selling homes – hence the high rate of failure. 

A longstanding agent needs to have a variety of skill sets to keep clients happy. To successfully navigate an average day, an agent will operate in multiple capacities including, but not limited to: a SME (Subject Matter Expert), Negotiator, Marketer, Investigator, Statistician, Fiduciary, Protector, Consultant, Advocate and Friend.

Some roles are obvious and need...

Slip-N-Slide 2015

Gene Arant Team setting up water slideThe Gene Arant Team is proud to sponsor the 2015 Steiner Ranch Concert in the Park. Join us Saturday, August 15th from 6:00pm – 10:00pm at Towne Square Fields as we again bring out our giant slip-n-slide!  Over a 100 feet of water, smiles and bubbly fun! It really is our favorite event of the year and if you haven’t brought your kids in years past, you should join us this year to see it for yourself!  We have been bringing out the big blue tarps and building this slip-n-slide since 2008 – by now we pretty much have it perfected! 

Gene Arant Team setting up...

The Arant Team Culture

Our culture is important to us.  Susan and I feel that sharing our love and support with our team will set the tone for how they interact with our customers. That love and respect will be felt in every area of our business. By creating an environment where people know they are appreciated and respected, our hope is that the team feeling permeates through to our customer relationship. Essentially, that is what it is all about…relationships: relationships with our clients, relationships with our team.

We’ve been in this business twenty plus years. It is more than just business for us – it is changing lives through real estate. Everyone needs a place to live, a place to create happiness, a place to make memories – it is our job to find that place for families and we take pride in doing so.  It is a privilege to serve our community...