Should you Have an Open House?

Technology has changed the real estate industry tremendously over the years. With the majority of people doing their search from the comfort of home, you may ask yourself if holding an open house is worth it.


While having an aggressive online strategy and stunning photos are important, there are still some huge advantages to this old-school method. Let’s start by answering some common questions.

Will an Open House Sell my Home?

 It’s unlikely for an open house alone to sell a home. People don’t just walk into a house with a briefcase full of cash and close on the spot. However, coupled with the rest of a solid marketing plan, they can be extremely valuable. Two important things will be generated, attention and interest.

Are Open Houses Worth it?

Knowing an open house won’t sell your home on its own, you may ask yourself if it’s worth doing. If you only hold an open house and don't back it up with any other marketing methods, it will be easy to get lost in the current real estate market. From what our team has found, open houses are still very much worth the time when paired with the rest of our aggressive online strategy. Below are some reasons why open houses are worth it.

  • There are many buyers who many not want to book a private showing with an agent and prefer the relaxed nature of an open house.
  • Open houses provide us with an opportunity to receive instant feedback about the home which helps with making any necessary changes.
  • Open houses are a great time to share with friends and family who can then mention the listing to people they know are looking for a home.
  • Neighbors may drop in and also mention it to someone after seeing signage outside.
  • You can set the scene and ensure your home is show ready, unlike when people drop in on short notice with traditional showings.

Things to Take Care of Before Showings

Before you let prospective buyers walk through your home, it's best to make sure everything is in presentable condition.

Starting with The Exterior

  • Give the lawn a fresh cut
  • Trim your trees and shrubs
  • Wash all windows inside and out
  • Sweep the sidewalks and driveway

Moving to The Kitchen

  • Declutter and clean all kitchen countertops
  • Take down any notes, photos, and magnets from the refrigerator
  • Make your cabinets, sinks, appliances, and floors sparkle with a good wipe down
  • Patch/paint walls and ceilings

Moving to The Bathrooms

  • Eliminate any unnecessary items from your countertops
  • Organize closets and cabinets
  • Give the sinks, toilets, floors, bathtubs, and showers a deep clean

Heading to the Living Areas

  • Clean up piles of magazines and newspapers from tables
  • Clean floors, light fixtures, and furniture
  • Patch/paint walls and ceilings

Double Check Before Showings

Before buyers come into your doors, make sure to do a double-check and complete last-minute touches to keep your home looking great!

  • Pick up after your pets
  • Clear off your driveway and sidewalks
  • Open your curtains to let the sunshine in
  • When the weather allows, open your windows to let in some fresh air
  • Tidy up anything you missed

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