Thank You Steiner Ranch

We would like to give a huge, heartfelt thank you to the residents of Steiner Ranch who so generously contributed to the success of the 2015 Post Garage Sale Drop Off. The charities that benefitted from your kindness are Goodwill, LEEF and the Assistance League of Austin. With your help, we filled two Goodwill trucks with needed donations and are now able to present a check, for $2,000, to the Canyon Ridge Middle School Theater Arts Program.  

The Post Garage Sale Drop Off is an event that benefits everyone involved. It is an easy way to pay kindness forward. While charities receive items so desperately needed by their patrons, Steiner Ranch residents benefit by donating unneeded items.

If you missed the drop-off this year or still have a few items that are gathering dust in your garage, then we look forward to seeing you next year! If you would like to suggest a charity for next year’s event, please contact the Gene Arant Team at 512.261.1000.

It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the Steiner Ranch Neighborhood. Thank you for allowing us to live, work and serve in such a charitable community.

Article first appeared in Steiner Ranch Record.

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