The Arant Team Culture

Our culture is important to us.  Susan and I feel that sharing our love and support with our team will set the tone for how they interact with our customers. That love and respect will be felt in every area of our business. By creating an environment where people know they are appreciated and respected, our hope is that the team feeling permeates through to our customer relationship. Essentially, that is what it is all about…relationships: relationships with our clients, relationships with our team.

We’ve been in this business twenty plus years. It is more than just business for us – it is changing lives through real estate. Everyone needs a place to live, a place to create happiness, a place to make memories – it is our job to find that place for families and we take pride in doing so.  It is a privilege to serve our community in such a personal way. When you are selling a home or helping someone purchase a house, you really get to know a family. There can be a lot of fear in buying or selling, much of it due to the unknown. As a realtor, we are intimately involved in the decision making process – understanding a family’s hopes, finances and the emotional ups and downs of a transaction. It goes beyond being a real estate agent; it is about being an advocate, a supporter and even at times, a friend. We want what our clients want and will fight for their happiness.

Our team understands that this process is so much more than a purchase or investment. Everyone has a dream to own a home. It takes a special person to understand that; and that is just the type of person we look for when adding to our team.  When we find people that are passionate about helping others, we know we have found the right person. That in itself is rewarding; building a team of people who want to serve others.

Our relationship with our team and the team’s relationship with the client are really symbiotic.  Everyone needs to be fulfilled and happy for this to work successfully – we depend on each other. We need our team. Our team needs our clients and we think that by making a difference in our clients’ lives, they need us.

Our mantra is “clients for life.” The only way to accomplish that is to give great service, be a resource to our community and to truly care. Making a difference for each family we serve, that is what keeps our clients coming back and that is why we stay in this business – to serve others and make a difference.

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