We Appreciate Our Clients

While national “Pi Day” is celebrated on March 15th every year, the Arant Team likes to have our own celebration the week before Thanksgiving. We enjoy giving back to our clients throughout the year and what better time than the third week of November?

Brief History of the Pie

The history of pie began in early Egypt yet the concept became more widely spread when the Romans ventured to Europe. Originally the pies were made from inedible simply used to hold the filling.  Once popular in Europe, the outer holdings changed, and pie or “pye” as originally spelled, was then made with an edible “coffyn.” In that time period, pies were typically savory and made from various forms of meat until Queen Elizabeth the first requested a cherry pie, thus changing pie forever as we know it. 

Did You Know?

Fact, the English brought pie to America and during the American Revolution, the terminology of “crust” came about.

Fact, the English used to call pumpkin pie, pumpion pie. It was the Americans that gave birth to the “pumpkin terminology.”

Fact, by the early 18th century, the pumpkin pie had become the choice dessert of Thanksgiving.  So much so, that in 1705, Thanksgiving was postponed for one week in the city of Colchester because of a molasses shortage – then a key ingredient in making pumpkin pies.

Fact, in 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in which pumpkin pie and turkey was the staple.

Fact, in 1929, Libby’s introduced canned pumpkin, revolutionizing the way that most Americans make pumpkin pie.

Giving Back to Our Clients

So what is your favorite type of pie: pumpkin, apple, or cherry? Do you have a traditional Thanksgiving or have you created your own tradition? While the Arant Team may disagree on which pie is the best, we do agree that delivering pies to our clients is one of the most enjoyable traditions we have established. Are you a client? Which pie will you choose this year? If not a current client, let us know how we can help you solve your real estate needs, and hey…who doesn’t like free pie?

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