GATeam Client Care Vehicle

Why Choose the Gene Arant Team?

Why choose us? There are many experienced agents in the Austin area and we work hard to set ourselves apart. For us, helping our clients purchase real estate is more than a transaction, it is what we choose to do when we wake up everyday. Our team believes that if we like what we do, we do it better and we want you to experience that feeling as well. While that seems like a small variable, it makes a significant difference in our ability to serve our clients.

Let us help you find a home that you love and minimize the stress along the way. You should focus on what’s most important – finding the right home for your family and enjoying the process. Each of our team members provide key strengths that allow us to combine our knowledge and give you a full range of services - taking care of all the details so nothing is overlooked. We work hard to take care of the real estate details so you can focus on the priorities in other areas of your life.

The benefits of choosing the Gene Arant Team (GATeam) to work for you:

  • Strength in Numbers: the Gene Arant Team is exactly that - a team. We work together to bring optimal service and prompt communication to every client by dividing and conquering while also working together.
  • One Goal: our GATeam motto is "clients first!" We provide you with everything you need during your house hunting experience - no matter how large or small your needs may be.
  • Shared Knowledge: we coordinate our efforts and combine our knowledge base to make your transaction go smoothly. Our team prides itself in meeting challenges so that our clients only hear the solutions.
  • Effectiveness: our team works efficiently by assigning tasks so that every aspect of your purchase is handled completely and timely.
  • Support: we support one another and our clients, ensuring that your home buying process is a befitting and positive experience.

Changing Lives Through Real Estate.