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Curious about your home or another property's worth? Wondering what price a neighbor listed their house at? Even more, are you interested in finding out what your neighbor's house SOLD for? Curiosity doesn't kill anything when it comes to staying on top of the Real Estate Market and the appreciation of one of your largest financial investments.

Homebot is an excellent tool which offers homeowners a highly personalized report containing valuable information to empower you to make smarter financial decisions when it comes to your home. Click this link for a short video about Homebot.

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Other services may provide generalized estimates of homes that have the same basic characteristics as your home. However, such an estimate is only one of many pieces of information you'll need to make the most informed decisions you can when selling your home. Real-Time Market Snapshots also include a graphical analysis of important trends that will give you perspective of the competitive market. These snapshots give you:

  • Current and historical estimated market value of your home
  • Appreciation since you purchased your home
  • Net worth/equity in your home
  • A breakdown of principal and interest paid
  • Tips for how to save on interest payments
  • Your purchasing power to buy an investment property or trade up to a new home
  • Estimated rental figures for your home (or a room in your home) on services like Airbnb or VRBO
  • Your current cash-out potential for doing things like consolidating high-interest debt or increasing your home value through home improvement

If you think the value of your home is incorrect, you can challenge the value to improve the future accuracy (click the "Not my value"/"Tune my value" button). Homebot will send us a notification to do a valuation analysis for your home, which we will be happy to do!

Please feel free to call or email us at any time and we trust you will enjoy Homebot!

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